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Used Pallet Racking – Call us now on 07 3907 8555 for a free quote!

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Great Condition Mesh for Sale!

These Mesh Decks are Genuine MANTA MESH and in great condition for a great price from $19.00 A DECK. With a 1 TONNE UDL Load capacity these 1205mm Deep x 1250mm Wide are perfect for the larger 1220mm deep racking. Contact us NOW for enquiries!

Genuine Colby Pallet Racking Beams!

We have just got in a large amount of Genuine Australian made COLBY Pallet Racking. In great condition, especially for second hand, this racking is perfect for your warehouse. With amazingly competitive prices of from $26.00 a Beam, Heavy Duty Upright and 1 TONNE PLUS PER PALLET (2t per pair of beams UDL)  you wont be able to get this kind of low priced quality stock anywhere else. Contact us NOW for enquires!

Material Handling Conveyors

These conveyors are in great condition and ready to use. With some being up to 7500mm long they are perfect for using around your warehouse to transport your goods from shipping containers or trucks into picking and packing areas or vice versa! At a great price from $800.00 each, its hard to resist these deals! Contact us NOW for enquires!




Used Pallet Racking – Call us now on 07 3907 8555 for a free quote!

Nobody knows used pallet racking and shelving like Ware Hows, and we know you want it at the best price!

At Ware Hows, we take great pride in offering our customers the best value in Brisbane for used pallet racking, second-hand warehouse equipment, binning and everything in between. We buy and sell quality used pallet racking, shelving, equipment and storage items from right around Australia, with a huge warehouse full of equipment ready to install in your storage space now! With over 40 years experience in used racking in Brisbane, we won’t be beaten on quality or service. For all your NEW Storage Solutions including Pallet Racking, Shelving, Office Storage, Small Parts, Repairs, Installations, Service, Inspections and more, contact the friendly team at Elbowroom today!

Whether your business is just starting out or you require shelving for your office space, shed or garage, it’s completely unnecessary to go out and buy all new top of the line equipment to fit out your workshop or warehouse. In the warehousing and manufacturing industry, there is an abundance of second-hand machines, equipment, used pallet racking and shelving components, just waiting to be snapped up by savvy buyers.



Excellent condition at bargain prices

Large businesses will often upgrade their workplaces on a regular basis and just want their old storage systems removed. This means that at Ware Hows, you can purchase late model equipment in excellent condition, at bargain prices. New stock is constantly arriving, so be sure to drop by and see what’s in store today or call us now on 07 3907 8555 for a free quotation.

Super specials!

Whether you’re after used pallet racking, shelving, binning or warehouse equipment, you’ll always find yourself a bargain over on our Sales page. We have Red Hot specials on a whole range of items, so be sure to check back regularly to avoid missing out!

Delivery Australia Wide

The ultimate convenience, all stocked items can be delivered directly to your doorstep in a timely manner, anywhere in Australia. Additionally, we can also arrange to have your equipment fully installed by our licensed partner, Correct Installs. For more information regarding our delivery and professional installation services, please visit our contact page.

The number one destination for Used Pallet Racking

With our enormous range of high quality second-hand warehouse goods, Australia-Wide delivery, professional installation services and unbeatable prices, Ware Hows is the premier destination for all your Used Pallet Racking needs. used pallet racking