Drive-In Pallet Racking

By January 30, 2018Uncategorised

Just in at Ware Hows, a massive amount of Colby Branded Drive-In Pallet Racking. This great system is perfect for most High Volume, Low SKU warehouses. Just check out our page for more information on this great type of racking system “Drive-In Pallet Racking”.

Aside from being a great system for First in Last Out warehouses this rack is much cheaper then conventional Selective Pallet Racking Systems for the amount of pallet positions you get.  Along with taking up far less space then normal pallet racking.

Currently we have enough Drive-In Pallet Racking to do well over 500x pallet spaces. With very competitive prices around 50% Cheaper then if you purchased brand new, this stock is a bargain deal! All material is in great condition and in component form to make for easy and cheap transport.

You’d better get in quick as this stock WILL NOT LAST. Specially considering how much we have sold of it so far!!!

Call now on 07 3907 8555 or email Be aware that all stock might be sold depending on when you might have viewed this post and contact our office if you are interested.

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