APC Rolled Post Shelving

By December 4, 2017Uncategorised

In stock at Ware Hows, APC Metal Rolled Post Shelving. All material is in A-Grade Condition, perfect for archiving, sorting parts or tools, a must have in just about every business or shed at home. We have over 6000 Bays of this material for sale in two great sizes 1950mm high and 3350mm high.

Starting at just $110.00 PER BAY for a standard 7 shelf, 1950mm high set up!

All bays are 900mm wide and 400mm deep with various amounts of shelves depending on what you require. Yes thats right, we build the orders to what you need, non of this you buy what we have and thats it nonsense!

Check out the pictures below of some of the setups already in use.

You’d better get in quick as this stock WILL NOT LAST. Specially considering how much we have sold of it so far!!!

Call now on 07 3907 8555 or email deals@warehows.com.au. Be aware that all stock might be sold depending on when you might have viewed this post and contact our office if you are interested.

Sizing is a nominal size.